Garden Tomb

9 Jun 2025 - 11 Jun 2025


Super Saver Tour To Israel & Jerusalem From South Africa
Christians Group Tour

Walk Where Jesus Walked
hosted by: Rev Jen Botha

June 9-18, 2025
8 nights / 9 Days

Group tours to Israel from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

Group tours to Israel from Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban

Much like all our low cost tours Holy Land Tour to Israel & Jerusalem from South Africa, this tour at a later date offers you the chance to experience many of the wondrous holy sites that Israel has to offer. Experience true healing and transformation and head on a pilgrimage to walk where Jesus and his Disciples walked.

Just like our other Christian tour packages to Israel from South Africa, our comprehensive budget tours will still see you accompanied by our highly experienced guides and include visits to cherished holy sites and a Baptism in the River Jordan.

Just like in all our past tours, this tour will visit many sites like Cana, Tiberias, the Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Caesarea, the Church of Holy Sephulchre, the Room of Last Supper and the Garden Tomb. This is the ultimate experience for Christians to the Holy Land from South Africa.

You will be transformed and experience healing in the Holy Land

Deposit: R5,000 Due with registration
Final Payment:
Due 10 weeks prior departure

Special guided tour package to Israel the Holy Land from South Africa. Discover the cradle of Christianity and we Walk Where Jesus Christ and His Disciples Walked. Together we fulfill the Mission of Pilgrimage.

There are many ways of touring Israel at all level of rates. Guides are the most important element of a tour and therefore wee employ top of the top tour guides in Israel whom are expert in Christianity history and sites. In all our group tours Baptism in the Jordan River is included.

We will follow all the important milestones in Jesus life (click on the links below for more information):
Nazareth, Cana, Mount Tabor, Tiberias, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Tabgha, Mt. Beatitudes, Baptismal Site at Jordan River, Caesaria Phillipi, Mount Carmel, Megiddo, Caesaria, Jaffa, Ein Karem, Bethlehem, Jericho, Mount of Temptation, Dead Sea, Qumran, Massada, Ein Gedi, Jerusalem, City of David, Siloam Tunnel, Temple Mount, Pools of Bethesda, Via Dolorosa, Ecce Homo Arch, Churh of Holy Sepulchre, Room of Last Supper, Garden Tomb, Gathsemane, Western Wall, Old City Walls, Israel Museum & Dead Sea Scrolls, Yad Vashem.

Although the Rand has significantly depreciated against the dollar, we offer low cost reduced rates. Guides are highly experienced in Christianity history and sites. This is the ultimate experience of Christians tour to Israel the Holy Land from South Africa.

Tour Features Include:

  • Flights to Tel Aviv
  • 3 nights in Galilee
  • 2 night in Bethlehem
  • 3 nights in Jerusalem
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Meeting and assistance at Ben Gurion Airport.
  • Touring with English speaking guide, expert in Christianity sites and history
  • Entrance fees to all sites
  • Travel insurance for participants younger than 70 years old.

Nazareth mount-precipiece

Our Walk Where Jesus Walked tour takes us to all the milestones in Jesus life including all the sites above:
Mount Precipice (Leaping Mountain), where angry mob tried to push Jesus off this cliff, Mount Tabor., Izrael (Armagedden) Valley and Gilboa Mountains

1 Monday – Flight to Tel Aviv

2 Day 1 – Tuesday

Galilee : Caeseria / Mt. Carmel / Tiberias

Megiddo Armageddon & Izrael Valley

Megiddo (Armageddon) & Izrael Valley

Arrive in Tel Aviv airport and meet our guide. Drive along the coastal highway to Caesarea, an important provincial Roman port town at the time of the Caesar Pontius Pilate. Here we can see the Roman amphitheater from times of Christ. The New Testimony tells about Jesus visit here. We drive up Mount Carmel. From the top of the mountain unfolds a view of Izrael (Armagedden) Valley and the Kishon River in the horizon. This place marks the point where prophet Elijah challenged the profits of the Baal: “whose God is more powerful”. After Elijah won, he slaughtered the prophets in the Kishon River. The Israelites abandoned the Canaanite gods and adopted God again (1 Kings 18).

Dinner & Overnight – Galilee (B,D)

2 Day 2 – Wedensday

Galilee : Caserea Phillipi / Kibbutz / Anciant Boat / Boat Ride / Fish Lunch / Tabgha / Peter’s Primacy / Capernaum / Mt. Beatitudes / Baptismal in Jordan River

Israel Tour from South Africa - Mount Carmel - Elijha

Mt Carmel – Elijha

Israel Tour from South Africa - Nazareth

Israel Tour from South Africa – Nazareth Village

Baptism in Jordan River

Baptism in Jordan River

Drive through the Hula Valley to the sacred site of Caesarea Philippi at the base of Mt. Hermon and the sources of the Jordan River. Here Simon acknowledged Jesus as the Messiah, to which Jesus replied: “You are Peter ? and on this rock (Petra) I will build my church, and the powers of death shall not prevail against it. We travel down to Kibbutz for a tour to learn about this unique way of life and the settlements in modern Israel. Continue to Gennosar Museum to see an ancient boat from the times of Jesus found under the water. Enjoy a Boat Ride across the Sea of Galilee and hear how Jesus calmed the stormy sea and walked upon these waters.

Enjoy a traditional St. Peter’s Fish Lunch. Visit Peter’s Primacy. Here Jesus met again with the disciples for the “last breakfast” and restored Peter to himself after the disciple’s three denials by asking him three times if Peter loved Jesus. Short distance walk to Tabgha. The site is Jesus’ miraculous feeding of the multitude. View the mosaic, representing fishes and a basket of loaves (Mk. 6:34, Luke 9:10).

Continue to Capernaum. The Gospel tells about Jesus leaving Nazareth to settle in Capernaum, which became “his own town” and centre of his activities. From its community of fishermen he chose many of his disciples (Peter, Andrew, James, John and Matthew). Continue to Mt. Beatitudes. Near here Jesus gave the Beatitudes, he taught on many occasions and also performed many of the miracles. Continue to Yardenit Baptismal site in Jordan River for optional Baptism.

Dinner & overnight – Galilee (B,L,D)

3 Day 3 – Thursday

Galilee :    Cana / Nazareth / Mount Precipiece  / Megiddo & Izrael Valley / Beit Shean

Israel Tour from South Africa - Capernaum


Israel Tour from South Africa - Peter's Primacy

Peter’s Primacy

Israel Tour from South Africa - Sea of Galilee

Sea of Galilee Boat Ride

Visit Cana, site of the first miracle where Jesus turned water to wine. Continue to Nazareth where Jesus spent his childhood. Visit the Church of Annunciation and Joseph’s workplace. Go up Mount Precipice just outside Nazareth, where tradition hold that an angry mob attempted to throw Jesus off the cliff (Luke 4:16-30). From this view point view Mount Tabor and Gliad Mountains.

Next visit Megiddo  (Armageddon), overlooking the fertile Izrael Valley. Megiddo played a prominent role in the history of the ancient Near East and one of the largest Canaanites cities, controlling the access from Egypt to Mesopotamia, which was the cause for the fiercest battles that took place here. The bible tells about Joshua defeating the Canaanite king of Megiddo, a city which king Solomon built and the site where kings Ahaziah and Joshia killed. For Christians, Armageddon is where forces of God will defeat the forces of Evil in the Final Battle at the End Day.

Visit Bet Shean where the bodies of Saul and his sons where displayed against the city walls. Walk through the archeological site revealing a remarkable Roman city and the Roman Cardo main street connected the upper city with the forum, marketplace, Roman bathhouse, and theatre.

Dinner & overnight – Galilee (B,L,D)

4 Day 4 – Friday

Dead Sea :    Jericho* / Masada / Ein Gedi / Dead Sea

Jericho - Mt. Temptation

Jericho – Mount of Temptation

Israel Tour from South Africa - Massada


Israel Tour from South Africa - Dead Sea

Dead Sea

Travel along the Jordan River to Jericho to view the Sycamore tree and Mount of Temptation. Continue to drive past Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Ascend Masada by cable car. Our guide will take us on a fascinating tour of this mountain where 960 Jewish defenders organized the last resistance to the Roman conquerors. Outside view the area of Ein Gedi springs where David hid his soldiers from King Saul. Enjoy a float in the salty waters of the Dead Sea and if you are looking for Beauty,  cosmetics, health and skin care products, the Dead Sea water is well known to be rich in minerals bought worldwide. Ascend Judeah mountains and enter Jerusalem, the “Eternal City” of GOD.

Dinner & Overnight in Bethlehem (B,D)

5 Day 5 – Saturday

Jerusalem:    Bethlehem* / Mount of Olives / Dominus Flevit / Garden of Gathsemane 

Israel Tour from South Africa - Bethlehem


Sea of Galilee boat

Sea of Galilee boat

Drive to Bethlehem* to visit Church of Nativity. Drive up Mount Of Olives. Here Jesus taught his disciples and prophesized the destruction of Jerusalem city. From here the entire Jerusalem Old City and Temple Mount unfolds before us. Walk to Dominus Flevit and walk along Palm Sunday to the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus was identified by Judah and taken captive.

Dinner & Overnight – Bethlehem (B,D)

6 Day 6 – Sunday

Jerusalem:   Western Wall & Tunnel / Temple Mount / Pools Of Bethesda / Lithostrotos / Via Dolorosa / Mount Zion / Room of Last Supper / St. Peter Gallicantu / Garden Tomb

Israel Tour from South Africa - Gathsemane


Israel Tour from South Africa - Garden Tomb

Garden Tomb

Israel Tour from South Africa - Table Mount

Jerusalem Old City

Full day walk in the Old City. Visit the Western Wall and Western Wall Tunnel. Proceed to Pools of Bethesda, just outside Temple Mount. The pools were used by the Jews to purify themselves. Here also Jesus performed the miracle of healing an infirm man. We next visit Lithostrotos. Take a short walk along Via Dolorosa and along the Jewish Quarter to Mount Zion.

Visit the Room of Last Supper where Jesus shared Last Supper with the disciples. Next visit is to St Peter Gallicantu where the house of Caiaphas was where Peter denied Jesus. Then visit the Tomb of David. Visit Garden Tomb where we will hold a Communion Service.

Back to the Western Wall at time of evening prayer. One of our past participant described it: “Visiting the Western Wall at the beginning of Shabbat was an amazing highlight…. Probably my most favorite of the whole trip. It is now a treasured memory and I would never leave that out of a tour”.

Dinner & Overnight – Jerusalem (B,D)

7 Day 7 – Monday

Jerusalem: Free day

Return to Jerusalem Old City for shopping in the bazaar and explore on your own more sites. So much to see in Jerusalem.

Dinner & Overnight – Jerusalem (B,D)

8 Day 8- Tuesday

Jerusalem: Free day

Dinner & Overnight – Jerusalem (B,D)

9 Day 9 – Wednesday

Jerusalem: Ben Yehuda Shuk / City of David / Israel Museum / Flight home ….

Short visit to this hustling bustling Ben Yehuda Shuk (market). Visit to Israel Museum to view the Dead Sea Scrolls and the model of Jerusalem. Continue to Yad Vashem memorial for the Jews died in the Holocaust Travel to the picturesque Ein Karem where Jesus’s mother stop to visit her cousin on the way to Bethlehem and also the birthplace of John the Baptist. Visit Jaffa Old Port and Simon the Tanner’s house. Transfer to the airport for a flight home (B).

Arrive ORT in Johannesburg the following morning.

The ultimate Israel tours from South Africa in June 2025
“Next year in Jerusalem for Walk Where Jesus Walked” tour

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