An Invitation from the Founders

It is with great pleasure and pride that we extend to you an invitation to explore the exciting world of Heavenly International Tours S.A. When we founded Heavenly International Tours S.A in 1994, we were determined to invest every effort in introducing South Africans tourists to the beautiful secrets of our Israel, as well as so many other fascinating destinations.

We are indeed proud of our achievements. Through the years, Heavenly International Tours has become one of the leading travel companies of its kind in the South Africa and United States. We have worked hard to give our customers the highest quality service.

Heavenly International Tours will provide you with specially tailored tours, the personal assistance of our friendly staff and comfortable air and land accommodations – all at affordable prices! Our web site outlines our most popular tours, but we can design a special tour, which more closely fits your budget. We invite you to explore the variety of destinations offered by Heavenly International Tours. All it takes is one phone call to embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Let us show you the many wonders of the world,and introduce you to the wonderful service of Heavenly International Tours. We’ll help you begin building tomorrow’s memories…today!