Important Archelogical Discovery

December 1st, 2015.

Stamp of Kind Hezekiah from time of 1st Temple was found near Jerusalem Old City Archeology site. This is the first scientific excavation to find the most authentic stamp with a print of King Hezekiah name.

King Hezekiah Stamp

King Hezekiah Stamp from 1st Temple

King Hezekiah archeology site

Until today not many archeological items from 1st Temple were fount. On the stamp inscribed ” To King Hezekiah Son of Echaz King of Judeah” King Hezekiah ruled 727 to 698 B.C.

Researchers believe that the stamp was used by King Hazakiah to seal official documents. This stamp and many others with Hebrew names were found in a site near the Temple Mount in one of the King’s buildings. Aserians kings documents confirm names of Jewish kings

King Hezekia is mentioned in the Bible Kings’ book and the book of Jasaiah. He was known as a strong authorative king whom kept Judeah as an independent kingdom in spite the influence of the Asrerian ampire.

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