James Harpur tells in his book that the first Christian pilgrims were the Magi ‘three wise men’ who according to the Gospel of Matthew, journeyed from east of Bethlehem, guided by a star, to pay homage to ‘the one who has been born of the Jews’. Their story contains some of the classic elements of pilgrimage in the Holy Land. It is widely believed that the Magi were the first pilgrims that came to see a living being and contact with a source of holiness. Following the Magi, Christian pilgrims from all over the world and from South Africa have been journeying to the Land of Israel., the source of their spiritual heritage, for almost 2,000. Bible in their hand, they’ve Walked Where Jesus Walked and prayed where He preached and prayed, experienced a feeling of divine grace along with inner peace and a strengthened belief in their faith. No other place in the world like the Holy Land for Christians to ‘relive’ the events of Jesus’ life folding in their eyes and hearts. The Holy Bible is the only source that documented His life.
Heavenly International Tours to Israel from South Africa experience the journey in the footsteps of Jesus and in Disciples.

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