Christian interest in Israel the Holy Land is associated with the birth, demise, followed by demise and subsequent resurgence of the pilgrimage movement. In both Islamic and Hebrew tradition, pilgrimage is regarded as a religious obligation of the entire faiths, taught in its sacred scriptures, hence the importance of the Land of Israel. Despite costs, hazards associated with pilgrimages, it has increased year by year since the ninth century. Believers feel an obligation to visit the land of Jesus. Many South African Christians feel and obligation to go on tours to Israel and the numbers grow every year. Pilgrimage tours include all the places where Jesus was present: Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, Capernaum, Mount of Beatitude, Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Together we fulfill the mission of Pilgrimage and follow the scriptures. For more information about our Pilgrimage tours to Israel from South Africa, please click on this link

                                            Statistics of Tourists Arrival
                                           in Israel July 2021 – July 2022

Israel Ministry of Tourism reported in the new 31.07.22: “Tourist Arrivals in Israel increased to 2.1 million in July 2022”.
Many of the tourists were Christians on tour of the Holy Land.

Source:    Israel Central Bureau of Statistics

July                             49,500
August                        52,900
September                 34,500
October                      57,000
November                  75,600
December                  20,500


January                       46,200
February                     89,900
March                        170,700
April                          209,900
May                           249,200
June                          244,500
July                           2.1 million