Heavenly International Tours specializes in Bethlehem tour packages from South Africa.

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, we are an exclusive tour operator specializing in tours of Bethlehem, travel to Israel, Turkey, Jordan, Greece and Italy since 1994.

Bethlehem is south and close to Jerusalem, in the southern parts of the Judean mountains. Bethlehem has great historical and religious significance Judaism and Christianity as the birthplace of King David and Jesus.

Our tours to Bethlehem take us to the Mangar Square and into Church of Nativity to see the cove where Jesus was born and laid down. Explore the Milk Grotto. Here you will notice the white color of the chalk walls, which tradition states was caused by a drop of milk that fell while Mary was feeding the baby Jesus. Continue to the Shepherd Fields where the ‘shepherds watched their flocks by night’. Return to Jerusalem with special memories of your visit to this  Holy Land city.

No tour to Israel can miss a tour to Bethlehem !